the logos of the solutions in the adobe marketing cloud suite such as Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics
Decoding the Magical Marketing Mechanism with Adobe Marketing Cloud


You’re munching on your favorite hot and crispy samosa while checking your emails on your mobile. You receive a marketing email from your favorite e-commerce site about the pair of designer jeans you have been looking to buy. The email says it is now available at a steep discount. You were following this jeans on the web and social media for quite some time and always wished you get some discount on it. You had seen ads of it in your social networking and media sites, and always thought of owning it. You had in fact added it into your shopping cart but always felt it to be expensive.

You click the link in the email and see some attractive photos of it along with other interesting suggestions based on your interest.

Excited, you call your best friend and tell the same but she hasn’t received any such email or seen any reduction in price or discounts on the site.

You think of buying it immediately as you don’t want to lose the opportunity or risk the out-of-stock scenario.

You go ahead and buy it immediately with your credit card. WOW! That’s the exhilarating feeling you get. You are doubly excited about this purchase because you’re going to wear it to the weekend party. You feel thankful to the e-commerce site for making you feel special by offering the discounted price only to you. You also pat yourself on the back for your excellent decision to purchase. You quickly share and tweet about your purchase and your friends are liking it.


  • How did your favorite e-commerce site know you were looking for “jeans” from quite some time now?
  • How could only you get the email and the discounts?
  • How could you see more suggestions and options which you had tried searching but could not get?

Adobe Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one digital marketing solution which can help answer the above questions.

the logos of the solutions in the adobe marketing cloud suite such as Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics

Let’s suppose, the e-commerce site was using the Adobe Marketing Cloud to achieve this. Here is how they could have used different tools available in the suite.

  • Adobe Audience Manager consolidates audience information from all available sources and create profiles of audience segments to send the email only to you.
  • Adobe Campaign used analysis done by Adobe Social and Audience Manager to send you the personalized email. Adobe  Target and Personalization provided you with more suggestions and compelling offers and options.
  • You shared your purchase through social sites and the e-commerce site could do more promotions based on the links and shares. They could get more people to know about the purchase and could listen to the social activities using Adobe Social.
  • A nice looking website with captivating graphics, content along with the personalized options were hosted on Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Adobe Media Optimizer helps the e-commerce site to get maximum return on their investments.

Why did the e-commerce site offer an expensive pair of jeans at a discounted price? Only to you?

  1. The e-commerce site benefited by acquiring a customer (you) and providing a compelling digital experience. This can go a long way in retaining the customer.
  2. It helped convert a potential customer to a buyer and also received healthy promotion and follow on social networking sites, which engaged new users and converted existing users into loyal customers.
  3. It is very important to not just reach the right customers but understand them well. Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions help you do this effortlessly and quickly to get your campaign rolling in record time.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive digital marketing solution. It enables marketers to measure, personalize and optimize marketing campaigns and digital experiences for optimal marketing performance. Adobe Marketing Cloud includes a set of analytics, social, advertising, media optimization, targeting, web experience management and content management tools for effective digital marketing.

 It is one of the most comprehensive and integrated digital marketing solution for digital marketers.

 Adobe Marketing Cloud solution consists of –

  1. Adobe Analytics
  2. Adobe Audience Manger
  3. Adobe Campaign
  4. Adobe Experience Manger
  5. Adobe Media Optimiser
  6. Adobe Primetime
  7. Adobe Social
  8. Adobe Target


Explore each of these solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud in detail in this article.

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October 18, 2016

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